5 Practical Ways to Improve Yourself

Self improvement

Self improvement is extremely necessary if you want to become the best version of yourself.

I see many people considering it as a choice but according to me its not a choice, its absolutely necessary. When you yourself improve as a person, your career, finances, relationships and all other stuffs will improve.

As you might’ve heard the quote “Nothing will change unless you change, nothing will get better unless you get better.”

So here I provide you some ways (not tips, I don’t like the word) to really improve yourself. These methods are from my own experience.

But I want to be honest with you here.

None of these methods will work for you, if YOU don’t work on them CONSISTENTLY. What I’ve found is that consistency is even more important than the work itself that you’re doing.

So let’s get started…

1. Exercise

Exercise is extremely necessary (don’t mind if I repeat this phrase often).

As you may have heard “A healthy mind can only live in a healthy body”. You cannot do anything if you’re physically unhealthy.

You would be busy in stress related to body aches, tiredness, low energy etc.

When you exercise, it makes you healthy as well as fit. I workout 6 times a week with 3 days workout and 1 day rest.

I’m not saying that you should also start vigorous workout but start small.

You can start with running or jogging in the morning. A year from now, you’ll thank yourself for it.

2. Meditate

I know this sounds kind of ‘woo-woo’ or spiritual but let me mention it – It is the single best method to increase your productivity.

Its been a year since I started to meditate. I remember the exact date of starting – It was 15th August, 2019.

From that day till today I have meditated EVERY SINGLE DAY for 20 minutes each day.

First few months were terrible but gradually I improved at meditating. It will help you to clear your mind and declutter your life.

Meditating every day is like taking new birth every single day because it literally changes the physical structure of your brain and grow new nueral connections.

So you’re literally something new after a meditation session. Meditation is the single method that will change and improve your mind and brain to enormous levels for super-focused intelligence and the ultimate peace.

But you need to be patient for this to work for you.

If you’re really into Self improvement then you might know the guy Leo from Actualised.org. His video on on How to meditate will teach you everything you need to know about meditation.

3. Motivation material

I watch a video on Self growth on YouTube every single day.

Now in this you have to be very specific. Don’t just start watching tons of motivational videos like crazy.

Choose according to what you want to achieve and which are related to your goals.

But the most important thing to keep in mind is that motivation is useless if not used in anything. Motivation has no value on its own if it is not producing ACTION.

I’ve struggled with it for 3 years.

I used to watch ANY motivational video and get frustrated with no result. It took me 3 years to understand, see or watch the materials related to my goals.

When I started doing that, it improved my life and my results.

So watch a material everyday according to your goals and put them into ACTION.

4. Set goals

Well, this should have been the 3rd point in this list but its fine.

Have some goals for your life. I’ve set goals for each area of my life.

You should have goals for these seven areas of your life.

  1. Physical body
  2. Mind and Emotions
  3. Relationships
  4. Career/Business
  5. Finances
  6. Social: Family, Friends and Fun
  7. Spirituality

This goal setting process I learnt from Project Life Mastery video on Goal Setting. Also put a time frame to your goals and what will you do to achieve them.

You should break your goals into smaller and easier chunks into daily goals, monthly goals and yearly goals.

Earlier I too used to struggle with goal setting but now that I have set my goals and their deadlines, I am getting confidence that I can ACTUALLY achieve them.

5. Read books

Oh Man! Don’t let me force you on this.

You should read. A lot.

Don’t just underestimate the saying “Readers are Leaders”.

Reading is one of the best methods to improve your life. Books and meditation are the ways that can and will change your life for the better for ever.

Reading books open up new opportunities and new thoughts.

If you don’t have new thoughts, you cannot create something new. What do you think, can a person get an awesome life who is too lazy to read 100 books?

Of course not.

Tony Robbins have read more than 700 books on human development, psychology and physiology in just 7 years. Can you imagine 100 books/year!?

An average normal person reads 1.5 books per year according to a research.

I’ve read 20 books yet including ‘The Obstacle Is The Way’, ‘Managing Oneself’, ‘Rich Dad Poor Dad’, ‘The One Thing’, ‘The Power Of Now’. The Power Of Now by Eckart Tolle has changed and improved my life more than any other book I’ve ever read.

Now here’s the rule that I follow to read books.

I just read 10 pages of a book daily (including today)- it just takes 30-60 minutes to read and if the book has a total of 300 pages, in one month its complete!

And if you don’t know which books to read, just type in Google or YouTube “The best books to read on ….. ” eg. The best books to read on Self improvement and you’ll get the books, make a list of them and read them one by one.

Audio books or digital books are not as useful as a real paperback book.

So start reading today.

so that’s it for now.

This is what I’ve to say or share with you. Follow these points.

You don’t have to believe me, it won’t get you far, you need to try it for yourself.

But if these all points worked for me, I’m sure it can work for pretty much anybody. Thank you so much for being here today.

I appreciate it.

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