100+ Best Friend Tag Questions

Best friend tag questions

Its time for some real excitement and fun test with your best friend.

See how much they know about you. Best friend tag questions are one of the most effective and fun ways to figure it out.

So play it with your best friends and enjoy.

You can ask questions one by one to each other to maintain the excitement. If your best friend can give correct anwer to most of these questions, he/she is indeed your best friend.

A normal friend would not even bother to know much about you but your best friend does.

So go ahead and have fun!!!

  1. What’s your favorite memory together?
  2. When and where did you meet?
  3. What’s my dream job?
  4. Describe each other in one word. 🙂🙂
  5. What is something that annoys me?
  6. What’s my favorite makeup brand?
  7. Favorite inside joke?
  8. If I could go anywhere in the world together, where and why?
  9. Favorite season?
  10. Who takes longer to get ready in the morning?

11. Who is my favorite music artist?

12. Do we have any inside joke?

13. What is my strongest subject in school?

14. What is my favorite band?

15. What is my weakest subject in school?

16. What is my favorite Netflix binge show?

17. What kind of wedding do I want someday?

18. Do I want kids, if so how many?

19. What is my greatest fear?

20. How much do I weigh? 🤗🤗

Best friend tag questions

21. What is my favorite movie?

22. My phone number?

23. What is my favorite board game?

24. Do I go by any nicknames?

25. Ride in a train or fly in a plane?

26. What is my favorite veggie?

27. What do I look forward to most about summer?

28. Do I like to spend money or save money?

29. Something I would want for my birthday?

30. The last trip I went on? 🚗🚗

31. Favorite movie?

32. What is something weird that I eat?

33. Comedy or horror?

34. iPhone or Blackberry?

35. If my house was burning, what would I save?

36. Favorite animal?

37. Would I prefer Heels or Flats?

38. Pants or Dresses?

39. How long have you known me?

40. Favorite song? 🎧🎧

41. What was my first job?

42. Did I ever get written up in school?

43. What is my favorite restaurant?

44. Do I have any scars?

45. What was the last mall I went to?

46. What food do I hate?

47. Do we have any inside jokes?

48. What is my favorite soda?

49. Do we have anything matching?

50. What’s my favorite TV show?

Best friend tag questions
Best friend tag questions

51. What’s my favorite perfume?

52. My favorite food?

53. Have I ever had surgery?

54. What exhibit am I most exited for?

55. Do I have allergies?

56. What’s my favorite holiday?

57. What is my favorite Jelly Belly Jellybean?

58. What am I most scared of?

59. Theme park or water park?

60. Name of the street I live on? 🏘🏘

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61. What are my parents’ first name?

62. What is one food I couldn’t live without?

63. Who is my crush?

64. Who was my crush?

65. What is my favorite color?

66. Who was my first boyfriend /girlfriend?

67. My most embarrassing moment?

68. Did I ever have chicken pox?

69. My favorite pet?

70. When and where did we meet? 🌍🌍

Best friend tag questions

71. My favorite class?

72. Do I still play with toys?

73. Chocolaty or fruity candy?

74. Have I ever smoked?

75. Skiing or snowboarding?

76. What do I miss most?

77. What ride I like?

78. I I win lottery, what first would I buy?

79. If I could be any animal, what animal would I be?

80. My favorite Disney movie?

Best friend tag questions
Best friend tag questions

81. What is my religion?

82. Ketchup or mustard?

83. Whete do I like to go unwind?

84. What is ine insecurity I have?

85. Have I ever failed a test?

86. Have I ever been fired?

87. What state was I born in?

88. What is my full name?

89. What is my astrological sign?

90. What is my birthday? 🎂🎂

91. My favorite snack?

92. Have I ever been in a car accident?

93. My favorite Disney princess?

94. Do I have any wierd talents?

95. What app do I use most often?

96. My usual breakfast?

97. My favorite shirt?

98. Do I have a birth mark?

99. Have I ever broken the law?

100. Have I ever stolen anything?

101. Do I have any musical talent?

102. Would I prefer flip flop or tennis shoes?

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