How To Smile More -The Secret To Smiling More Often

How to smile more.

So How To Smile More…?

We tend to neglect smiling in out daily lives.

We tend to focus so much on external stuffs that we think smiling is just useless. But its not the case.

Smiling can really improve the quality of your life if you give it a chance.

Smiling is a universal language accepted by everyone. It can make up your as well as other’s day.

Nowadays smile is rare so we expect you to spread it through you.

Some people smile most of their time, its because of their habit. When you spend time with those kinds of people, you too start smiling too often.

So these are the ways to cultivate more and genuine smile and how to make your smile more attractive.

1. Pay attention to the smallest details

Paying attention to the smallest details is crucial because you need to see the beauty of small stuffs.

When someone talks to you, delight them with your smile and your reply. It makes you as well as the other person feel joy.

See the beauty of the present moment and embrace it.

2. Look for the positives

We tend to focus so much on what isn’t insted of what is.

You need to train your mind to look for the positive things in your life. There is no lack of positive or negative things in your life.

Its what you choose to focus on determines your smile and happiness.

Looking for the positives in your life forces you to smile more naturally.

3. Watch funny movies

This is a great way to evaluate your mood and smile more as a result.

It also helps when you’re totally stressed. Watching funny movies can change the negative mood of your mind to a totally different context.

This can spontaneously light up your life, joy and smile without you having to do something actively.

Laughing and smiling can literally better the quality of our life.

4. Spend time with loved ones

They can be friends or family members.

We naturally tend to smile when we be around the people we love. It creates a sense of joy to just be with them.

You might’ve felt it yourself many times.

We feel safe, secure and warm with our loved ones. This also increases smiling and makes us more joyous.

It is helpful in how to smile more often.

5. Be around nature

You should certainly spend more time in nature.

We long for it because we are fundamentally natural in our being. We’ve not been created to sit in a cubicle but to be with nature and feel it.

That’s why we naturally tend to smile when we are in nature.

There’s a deep connection between us and the nature.

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Smile more for Health, happiness and longevity

6. Do something good for yourself

Sometimes we fous too much on others that we forget to take cate of ourselves.

But you should take care of yourself too because from YOU stands everything – your business, career, happiness and all other stuffs. Treat yourself when you achieve something or at any time.

You deserve it. This is how to draw smile more.

You need to take care of yourself to do good for others.

7. Listen to uplifting music

What I’ve found is that music can really boost up your mood to smile more and feel good.

Listening to my favourite music bulids up positive flow or vibrations in my mind which boosts up my creativity and clears my thoughts. Try it out if you will.

When you feel stressed or things are not going as you want them to, listen to your favorite music, you’ll change your mood into positive thoughts in seconds.

8. Cut out social media

Social media are of great help sometimes but oftentimes, they drain our energy.

We keep scrolling uselessly for hours to satisfy our eyes and mind but as we all know, it doesn’t really fulfill us. It can eradicate our smile more.

Social media can be a huge distraction if not used properly or in limit.

Also it can create a fake reality in digital world which may very likely be incompatible with actual reality. So, Social media off can be a great way to embrace the natural smile and joy.

9. Set cues for smiling

Set certain cues for you to smile.

It can be, if you see certain things or smell or touch. It can be whenever you talk to someone.

I do this often.

Whenever I talk to a new person, I put genuine smile on my face. It works incredible.

Some other cues can be whenever you drive or whenever you see your colleagues or family members.

Choose the one which appears in front of you often so that you’ll get more chances to smile.

10. Meet with new people

It triggers new brain cells and neurons.

When we meet new people, they give us new ideas, they inspire us and makes us happy along with smile. It can be a great practice to smile more and how to make your smile more attractive.

It can be a great way to practice smiling as well as improving your communication skills.

So, Apply these one or more ways to put more smile into your days and ultimately into your life.

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