Real Friends vs Fake Friends : 29 Difference You Need To Look Out For

Real friends vs fake friends

Real friends vs fake friends is one of the good question to ask yourself.

Friendship is one of the very important aspect of our life. So we need to have real friends who understand us and with whom we can be fully ourselves.

A Research says that in terms of happiness, having a good social life is worth about $131,232 a year.

Now knowing that, you might realise the importance of a good social life or real friends. You need to always be around only those people who help you to grow and expand.

There are some fake friends signs which fake people have.

We need to identify signs of a real friend to keep them close and never to get fake friends experience.

Real friends vs fake friends

These are the signs to look for:

Real friends vs fake friends

  1. Real friends can always be relied upon

Whatever be the situations, Real friends can always be relied upon.

Any issues or problem, they’re always with you. Whether you need some help , they’ll do it for you, without you having to worry about it but fake friends do not bother even if you need them, they won’t genuinely help you, they can never be relied on.

2. Real friends will sort out your matters

Imagine if you get into trouble with someone else, they’ll completely have your back and try to solve your matter but fake people will make your matters worse by increasing more troubles in the matter.

3. Real friends help you keep your resolutions

A real friend will want you to succeed, they’ll help you succeed in your resolutions, they genuinely want to help you because they care for you.

These are the signs of a real friend but a fake friend has no concerns whether you succeed in your resolutions or not. In fact, they’ll most probably become a hindrance to your success and growth.

4. Real friends help you improve your relationship with others

True friends find ways to help you in all ways.

They can’t see you sad. They’ll do everything to make up your relationship with whom you’d like to whereas fake friends do not care at all, they’ll not do anything, even more so, they’ll try to destroy it.

Fake friends experience

5. Real friends treat your relatives just like their own

Real friends consider your relatives and family as their own. They’re happy to serve your relatives with all their heart and enjoy doing it but fake friends experience your relatives and family troublesome.

They’re not concerned with you let alone your relatives.

They’ll want to get rid of your relatives and do not consider how important they are for you.

Signs of a real friend

6. They share

Real friends share whatever they can.

They do not hesitate to to do this. They consider you as family.

In fact, they’ll have something less but give you the bigger share.

This strengthens the friendship but fake friends do not share. They do not consider you worthwhile to share their own stuffs.

They’ll have it all(eg. food) but won’t share it with you.

7. Real friends will help you out in awkward situations

They’ll get you out from embarrassing situation.

Real friends will find out ways to heal you with support and will do anything for you but fake friends won’t do this instead they’ll laugh at you joining with the crowd. They’ll make fun of you. These are fake friends signs.

8. They know about you

Real friends know so much about you, your likes, dislikes, strengths, weaknesses and want to make you better.

A real friend knows what to give you for your birthday surprise whereas a fake friend doesn’t know and doesn’t care about you.

Fake people

9. Real friends keep your secrets

Real friends can be trusted, they keep your secrets and keep it to themselves if you doesn’t want anyone else to know about it.

Whatever happens they keep their promise and keep your secrets as secrets at all cost whereas a fake people blab about your secret to anyone they know.

10. They respect everyone

Real friends respect everyone no matter their looks or status.

In regard of respect, everyone is same for them. They consider others’ value whereas fake friends only respect people with power.

They be around them who can come in their job, they do not respect poor people and maintain a gap with them.

Real friends vs fake friends

11. Real friends don’t try to make you like them

Real friends if help someone, they do not ask for a return, they do not do anything to get applause or greetings.

These are the signs of a real friend whereas fake friends try hard to make you like them, to appreciate them. They wish to get something in return whenever they do something for you.

They will help you once and make you to remember what they did for you.

Even if you treat others badly, fake friends will be with you because they don’t care about you, they’ll just use you. They don’t care until you treat ‘them’ badly.

12. They are not attention seekers

Real friends will listen more and talk less.

They’ll let you speak more whereas fake friends are desperate for attention, they speak more but listen less. They talk only about their own favourite topics.

They’ll interrupt between your words and speak out their own topics.

13. Real friends express their opinion openly

When real friends consider something bad or wrong about you then they’ll tell you openly and in front but won’t tell others whereas fake friends gossip a lot, fake friends experience, they don’t tell you if they don’t like something in you.

This is because they don’t want that you dislike them or think bad about them, they fear it that when they need your help, you won’t help them. They tell bad things about you to others so that your relationship with them is safe and also they get an outlet to share their thoughts about you to others.

Consider that if someone is criticizing someone else in front of you then understand that tomorrow they can criticize you in front of someone else.

14. They make efforts to keep their loved ones happy

They try to make their partners happy by making some efforts whereas fake friends use just sweet words to make their loved ones happy.

Notice that to make you happy they make efforts or just use sweet words. Real friends often buy some gifts for you by saving some of their own money but won’t let you spend your money.

Fake friends signs

15. Real friends are genuinely happy for you

Real friends feel your winnings and your achievements and you can see that in their eyes.

If you tell them that you learnt something new or got something, they get happy automatically because they don’t consider you as their competition whereas fake friends are not happy by your winnings, fake friends signs, they have tunnel vision. They’re just your competitors.

Its win or lose game for them.

They feel like if you’re winning, they’re losing. If you’re losing, they feel like winning automatically.

Signs of a real friend

16. They keep you away from drama

Real friends know that drama is useless and hinders your focus from important things.

They never do this. They do not gossip whereas fake friends will want to create drama in your life uselessly.

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17. Real friends are honest

Real friends mostly do not hide anything from you, they do not need to hide anything whereas fake people hide so many things about themselves, you and others.

18. They can never harm you

Real friends are not harmful, they’ll never harm you.

You feel safe with them whereas fake friends can harm you. If your instinct is telling you they can be dangerous, they can.

19. Real friends don’t tolerate if someone insults you

Real friends will stand for you, signs of a real friend and will speak for you even in your absence, because they care for you but fake friends won’t do it.

Signs of a real friend

20. Real friends are never jealous of you

They’re never jealous of you instead they want you to be happy but fake friends are jealous of you.

They can’t see you have good things. They do not consider you deserving of the things you have but consider themselves as deserving.

This is a very dangerous feeling.

Sometimes they even want to have your destiny and luck.

Real friends vs fake friends

21. Real friends understand you

Real friends understand you from within.

They know what you want to hear from them at difficult times and they can listen to your conversation but fake friend will just give you general advice upon advice without understanding how you feel or what you’ve to say.

22. They do not manipulate

Can you imagine a genuine and happy person trying to manipulate somebody not just doing a harmless manipulation but using disgusting methods to make others do whats best for them?

No matter how bad it may be for somebody else. This is exactly what a fake friend would do.

Real friends never try to change others and accept them as they are but fake friends choose to threaten people to get what they want.

If you notice someone constantly manipulating you and your feelings, there’s no point trying to make it work. Unfortunately these toxic people will never give up their ways.

23. Real friends never brag

Someone’s bragging is never fun to listen to if you come across a person who can’t stop talking about how awesome they are, there’s a big chance you are talking to a fake friend.

Genuine friends are proud of their accomplishments but don’t boast about them left and right. On the contrary, a fake friend goes on and on and on about how beautiful, smart and fantastic their personality, things and smallest achievements are.

24. They keep their promises

If you keep hanging out with someone who talks big but always disappears when it comes to action, this is definitely not a person you can rely on.

25. Real friends are not opportunists

Genuine friends love to spend time with you and will never throw a friendship or romantic relationship out of the window however fake friends see the situation completely differently.

They’re happy to be by your side but only till they meet somebody with a higher status or more money even more so they’re not afraid to ruin your relationship to get the best you have.

Signs of a real friend

26. They never put you down

One of the most obvious signs of a fake friend is when they try to look better at someone else’s expense.

This type of person never hesitates to criticize others harshly to make themselves appear cooler. Real friends on the other hand try their best to uplift and inspire others.

27. Real friends are present when you need them the most

Every single one of us has been in a difficult situation at least once in our lifetime.

Sure, these situations are the worst but they always show you who your true friends are since fake friends always disappear at the first sign of trouble, fake friends experience.

28. They support your vision

Fake friends don’t support your vision for life and they put you down.

Real friends call you out and support you when you’re doing something right. If they don’t encourage you to pursue your goals and instead try to put you down, well you’ve got a fake friend on your hands.

They say things like you can’t do it, they’ll mock your desires to improve your situation, they’ll give you a long list of people who failed at what you’re currently trying to do and suggest you shouldn’t even try and just give up.

29. Real friends apologize when they’re wrong

Fake friends don’t man up and apologize when they’re wrong.

Another easy to spot sign is when they put their personal pride over the relationship you have, fake friends signs. Real men and women know when they’re wrong and are strong enough to embrace it.

They will accept that they made a mistake and apologise for the way they behaved. Real friends discuss the event which led to their argument and come out of it stronger.

So, choose your friends wisely, as the saying goes “You are the average of the 5 people you spend most of your time with. ” Fake friends can destroy you but real friends can help you to achieve extraordinary.

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