11 Self-Care Tips To Take Better Care Of Yourself

Self-care tips

Self-care is very important in one’s life, it can boost up your productivity to a whole new level.

I often see that self-care is often neglected for work. So many of us try to find online “Self-care tips“, we read them but we don’t follow.

We read a lot about self care tips from so many different people who are expert in it.

But its the time to actually follow them. It will work for you only if you follow what you read.

So let’s take a look at the self-care tips.

Self-care tips

1. Self-care tips : Exercise daily

You should definitely take out time to exercise regularly.

It will provide you the energy to work throughout your day. If you don’t exercise, your body can’t stay in optimum state.

Some of you might be very busy but you can certainly take out at minimum of 15 minutes to dedicate it to your physical health.

It not only makes you strong but also creates vibrance in your look. So set up a time to exercise daily.

2. Self-care tips : Self-care break

Break is necessary between your work as a self care tip.

It rejuvenates your mind and body. Researches have shown that its better to take breaks during work sessions than continously grind for hours.

Breaks can maintain your productivity as this graph shows.

Productivity-Time graph/ Image credit: Quora

3. Self-care tips : Be uncluttered

This is a simple self care tip but matters a lot.

The space around us is necessary to have a affect on us. They can boost up our mood or drain us.

It can easily be corrected just by organising and decluttering your space.

So take the time to care for your surroundings, it will save you from unnecessary stress.

4. Self-care tips : Read a book

Reading a book is a sure way to develop your mind and ultimately care for yourself.

It can be considered one of the best tips for self care. It creates new thoughts and ideas of self-care which you can implement into your life and get better.

In order to grow, you need to learn new things daily.

Reading books is a great way for self care.

5. Self-care tips : Do yoga

Yoga is undoubtedly one of the most important techniques to clear your mind and increase your flexibility.

6. Self-care tips : Avoid junk or fast foods

Junk or fast foods are huge energy-killers of our body.

This can be self care tips for college students. They serve you nothing useful.

If you keep eating these junk stuffs, you’ll become unhealthy and sloppy. See, foods are the fuels of the body, if you feed it anything, it can’t perform optimally.

What you put in, you get out.

Your body and mind needs good and healthy nutrient foods. So discipline yourself to always eat healthy, it will help you in the long term physical and mental health.

Virtual effect of foods/ Image credit : Markmanson.net

7. Self-care tips : Practice Gratitude and Kindness

These virtues are of utmost importance.

You should have these. Gratitude is not some lofty term, its absolutely necessary to maintain a positive outlook towards your life.

And kindness is one of the greatest virtues one can have.

So have these two in your life, it is important for your self-care as well as it will make you a great human being.

8. Self-care tips : Uplifting music

What I’ve found is that music is a great healing material for your mind.

This is a great self care tips for depression. Whenever you feel upset or depressed, consider some of your favourite playlists on Spotify.

It will put you in a positive state of mind within moments.

Music takes us on a rollercoaster ride of emotions, without us having to do any activity. It increases your brain health and often inspires you.

So favour yourself with music when you need it.

9. Self-care tips : Avoid news overdose

Nowadays there is no difference between the term ‘News’ and ‘Bad news’-they are the same.

Don’t stuff yourself with the news overdose. Its not good for you.

See, you can’t correct the world just by listening or watching lots of news, in fact, it creates so much negativity in your life.

You don’t need much news or news at all. I’ve not read newspapers or watched news for years.

You don’t need news, you just need the stuffs that can grow you in your life.

Some of you might disagree but if you see the great people, they don’t watch news – they read books.

10. Self-care tips : Say ‘No’ when necessary

Don’t be a people -pleaser.

Say ‘No’ when it is needed. Practically you can’t help everybody.

So avoid it to avoid burnout.

It is a skill that you need to learn. You should give more value to your time than to please people.

I too had this problem, I could not say ‘No’ even when it was necessary, as a result, I was sometimes sad but through practice, I learnt this skill and now honestly I’m not a people-pleaser and I can say ‘No’ to anyone if it is necessary because I’ve learnt to value my time.

11. Self-care tips : Treat yourself

Please treat yourself whenever you achieve something.

You certainly beat yourself up when you fall short on your deadlines so you should certainly treat yourself when you achieve something. It can be as simple as having a chocolate candy after completing a certain work.

This will trick your mind to complete the work FAST.

It works incredible. Try it out, you’ll get faster results and you’ll be happy too.

So, implement these self-care tips and if you found it useful consider subscribing to our newsletter.

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