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I am so delighted and humbled that your path has lead here.

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Hi there,

This is Nirmal Hembrom, a self improvement freak/ adventure enthusiast / voracious reader / music lover/ bike rider and I am the creator, researcher and author of this blog ‘Liveselfhelp.com’. I created ‘Liveselfhelp’ in October 2020 and has been nurturing it ever since.

Our Purpose

My Mission statement : I help people (you) become the best version of themselves and Self-Actualize.

It is what I’m passionate about – Developing oneself to the highest level humanly possible.

The reason to start ‘Liveselfhelp’ is to help you and me reach the top of Maslow’s hierarchy of needs.

Maslow's hierarchy of needs
Maslow’s hierarchy of needs / Image source : Actualized.org

I was in depression and lack of fulfillment for 5 years since 2016.

Nothing was really fulfilling to me. After 5 years of depression, frustration and lack of fulfillment, I finally found my passion and honestly commited my life to self-mastery and self-actualization.

As I’m on this path now, I can honestly say that I’m fulfilled with internal peace and growing myself like never before.

So, Why should you follow Maslow’s hierarchy of needs or ‘Liveselfhelp’?

Because Maslow’s hierarchy of needs will create the most fulfillment in your life.

If what you want is the best happiness possible, this is the path, dedicate your life to reach its top while fulfilling all the down level needs as soon as possible. There is not even comparison to other potential strategies.

There is no better strategy.

This is the path that I’ve set for myself in my life that I’m gonna be following. Leo from Actualised.org suggests that you spend your early 20’s and early 30’s building the foundation and fulfilling all the initial levels of needs and then in your mid 30’s, 40’s, 50’s and 60’s what you do is basically dedicate as much time as possible to Self-transcendence.

It is not a ‘status quo’ type of blog but I really want to put it out in our world.

I’ll give you advice as I grow upwards in this pyramid of Maslow’s hierarchy of needs so that we can all grow together. Do subscribe to our free newsletter on this blog.

You’ll get many benefits and you’ll be all set.

Its very important to be on track and our newsletter will help you with that. Even if you think you’re on-track right now, a year from now, 5 years from now, 10 years from now, you might not be.

So, Sign up, you’ll get a new awesome article every single Friday, follow along and you’ll be all set!

Your Benefits :

  1. You’ll get practical ways/methods/techniques/strategies to improve all aspects of your life to the highest level humanly possible.
  2. Maslow’s Hierarchy of Needs will provide you the path and the strategy to the highest fulfillment possible.
  3. There is no better strategy to live your life.
  4. I myself have set up this path for my life that I’m gonna be following and will help you too.
  5. At the end, you’ll be glad you followed us all along the way to the top of Maslow’s hierarchy of needs.

Your Work :

Whatever the advice or material provided in this blog, YOU need to WORK on them CONSISTENTLY.

To be really honest, you don’t need much content, just follow our one or two articles and implement them in your life for a year CONSISTENTLY, you’ll start seeing the results. But to be on track, our newsletter will help you with that.

If you just read it and and do not take action or implement, it won’t get you far and it won’t do anything for you.

So follow and take action, you’ll get better.

I hope that we can grow, develop and better ourselves by sharing our knowledge and strategies with each other.

Lots of love,

Nirmal Hembrom

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