15 Books On Becoming A Better Person

Books on becoming a better person

Books on becoming a better person.

Books are the single most effective teachers in the world. Reading books changes the physical structure of brain to develop it for super-focused intelligence and the ultimate satisfaction.

If you’re looking for the books that can help you to become a better person, we’ve got you covered.

Read these books and you’ll be on your way to become a better person. These are the best books to being a better person.

These self-improvement books are the books that will make you a happier person.

These can also be called as books on becoming your best self as these will prove to be one of the greatest life-changing books on your shelf.

Books on becoming a better person

  1. The Miracle Morning ( Hal Elrod )
books on becoming a better person
The Miracle Morning

This book talks about the habits that can actually transform your life.

Hal talks about the 6 core habits that will transform your life before 8 am. Hal is a very inspiring person, he has recovered from a near death experience in a car accident.

These are the habits that helped him to regain control over his life after breaking his spine severely and various other fractures.

This book teaches you practical tips so that you can install them into your life. And honestly these are not hard to do, it just needs a little bit of discipline. This is one of the books on becoming a better person.

By practicing these habits your mornings will feel like a miracle.

It also provides you with the Miracle Morning Community online which will help you in your journey to developing these habits.

2. The Magic Of Thinking Big ( David J. Schwartz )

best books to being a better person
The Magic Of Thinking Big

Its a really good book.

This is one of the best books to being a better person. Its an old book but it has very good applicable stuff in there.

Basically, it makes you feel empowered to do things in your life that you maybe wouldn’t thought were possible and it gives very very practical examples and advice about how to do these things.

It gives the ability to think bigger outside our current circumstances. It unstuck you from the box.

3. The Talent Code ( Daniel Coyle )

self-improvement books
The Talent Code

This book is more about developing your skills to become a better person.

Daniel talks about how we can develop our skills as skill can be developed as the title statement says Greatness isn’t born, its grown. He defines skills as skill is an insulation of myelin that wraps around neural circuits that fire due to certain signals.

He’ve shown the research which includes the world-class athletes, swimmers, voilin players, piano players and many more and how we can apply them into our lives.

The studies also show coaches who’ve created world-class gems and how they do it. This Self-Improvement book will show you how you can trigger certain signals with cross correction of mistakes through deliberate practice to develop any skill you want.

It will also teach you to find the sweet spot where skill grows at a tremendous high speed with deep practice. There are also real-life examples which can inspire you to improve your skills.

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Best books to being a better person

4. How To Win Friends And Influence People ( Dale Carnegie )

books that will make you a happier person
How To Win Friends And Influence People

It has unlimited timeless advice, its about making you understand society and how it kind of operates together.

When you would think okay well that guy, he and I have nothing in common, its about finding common ground. Its sounds like a manipulative book but its really not.

Its talking about being a better listener, how to understand people and their motives, their emotions and how they operate.

This is the book that will make you a happier person as it can develop your skill to talk to anyone. Its a really good book if you’re like a shy guy.

If you have a shyness or social anxiety, it gives you the tools to get over that and get used to dealing with people.

One of the hacks Dale talks about in this book is to remember ‘Names’ of people. The sweetest word for a person in all the languages of the world is his or her name.

When you remember and address them by their name, it instantly creates a rapport between you two.

5. The Alchemist ( Paulo Coelho )

books on becoming your best self
The Alchemist

This book will inspire you to follow your dreams.

In this book Paulo Coelho talks about a boy, Santiago who is a shepherd and his dream is to travel the world and see the mountains or pyramids of Egypt. This book covers his journey which takes him to meet a shopkeeper, a vendor, a thief and the most important the Alchemist.

This is the book on becoming your best self.

The author talks about the Omens that guides a person to reach his destiny. Its a fictional story but but will give you a profound understanding about following the omens.

The alchemist teaches Santiago extremely valuable lessons of life which will guide him throughout his life.

He also describes how we start to rot from inside if we ignore our omens or inner voice which creates a ripple effect and destroy our life. This book contains simple but valuable wisdom that will give you the courage to follow your dreams.

6. Tao Te Ching ( Lao Tzu, translated by Jonathan Star )

life-changing books
Tao Te Ching

Its a guide book written for Rulers how to govern people and it sounds like it doesn’t apply to you unless you own a country or a big company or anything like that but really its almost like self advice and its really short.

A lot of these are short easy reads. This is one of the life-changing books.

It sounds like Eastern philosophy or kind of Buddhists!

It really talks about how to deal with people and what people will appreciate about you if you behave in these sort of ways. It doesn’t dictate things like here’s what you need to do if you want to get the girl or here’s what you need to do if you want to get rich.

Its not like that. This book contains are some great principles.

Self-Improvement books

7. The Power Of Now ( Eckhart Tolle )

books on becoming a better person
The Power Of Now

This book literally changed my mindset.

For most of us Success, Money, Fame, becoming a millionaire, driving fancy cars are the by-default goals, right! But there is much more to life than these things.

These stuffs are great but this book will teach you to understand that those things can NEVER fulfill us.

This is another book on becoming a better person. This is because we’re spiritual beings, nothing in this world can complete us, if we’re seeking something in outer world to complete us.

Eckart Tolle says that there is neither a past nor a future but just the Present moment.

So many people are stressed with their problems and difficulties in their life. This book can change the way they see the world.

8. Getting Things Done ( David Allen )

best books to being a better person
Getting Thing Done

Getting things done is how to manage the business of your life and again whether you’re a student, whether you’re a younger guy or an older guy, it is very impactful.

Its a system that you put in place, we’re managing all these things, so you can get it out of your head. This is another best book to being a better person.

What the book gives you is a set of tools, basically a system you put in place, its a series of lists based on context so like here’s the phone calls I need to make, here’s the things I need to do at the office, here’s the emails I need to do.

Read the book, take it for what you want, implement his system as it is. The beauty of it is that its very cool and you can make it work for any situation that you have down the road and make it really fit into your lifestyle and what you’re looking to do.

9. Public Speaking For Success ( Dale Carnegie )

self-improvement books
Public Speaking For Success

We all need to improve how we speak in public.

To be an effective communicator, to share your story, to influence people, to be a better person yourself, you need to be able to be better public speaker. Dale Carnegie gives you some really simple steps that anyone can follow in order to be a better public speaker.

This is one of the best self-improvement books.

One of the steps is the idea of verbalising your speech or your talk before even doing it. You’ll probably stumble and that’s okay because you’re practicing but you have to practice.

He talks about really great speakers, what words they used, why certain speeches were more effective than others and that really goes a long way in order for you to communicate your ideas.

Books that will make you a happier person

10. The World ‘s Religions ( Huston Smith )

books that will make you a happier person
The World’s Religions

Religions are important to understand because they have dictated people’s lives for so long and how they interact with the world that to understand them you get a decent understanding of people and generally where they’re coming from including laws.

This is a book that will make you a happier person. People are from different cultures so its a really good understanding to have in your life because at least in America, you deal with people from all walks of life all the time, we have sikh friends and we have muslim friends.

We have buddhist friends, we have chritian friends, we have jewish friends and so to understand kind of the foundational things that their culture is giving them and that helps nurture them to the life. Its really important to understand that stuff and its very important to understand it from a basic level.

When you get into interpretation that’s where you get Nazism, I mean you get fascism, I mean you get to know radical Islam, you get all these stuffs but those are perverted versions of very basic texts that you should definitely have an understanding about and you don’t need to be a scholar or anything like that for it.

11. What everybody Is Saying ( Joe Navarro )

books on becoming your best self
What Everybody Is Saying

This is a book covering human body language.

This is very important because most human communication is actually non verbal. Joe Navarro is actually an ex-fbi agent and he talks all these unique tips that you can use to read people from across the room or even the smallest body parts like eyelids, cheeks, fingers etc.

You’ll start understanding what is going on in each situation without even needing to hear what they are saying.

The entire body gives us a better picture than just the face. This is one of the books on becoming your best self.

If you look at two people having a conversation and you look at the direction of where their feet are pointing, that speakes volumes about how much they’re enjoying that conversation.

If you see two people sitting next to each other and one person’s feet are pointing away from that person, they’re ready to get out of that conversation.

12. Flow : The Psychology Of Optimal Thinking ( Mindy Csikszentmihalyi )

life-changing books

Even though this book is called the psychology of optimal experience, its basically a book about about hapiness.

This is an evolving field of psychology known as positive psychology. Positive psychology focuses on the positive aspects of life.

This is a life-changing book.

What is flow? When you’re playing basketball, when you’re rock climb, when you’re playing an instrument ,you’re putting in a lot of effort and generally for human survival sake at least when we put an effort, its done so in order to get something in return.

Whether that’s financial return, sexual return or anything else, the feeling you feel is called flow.

Its a very self fulfilling authentic happiness that you feel. In order to get in that intrinsic joy in life, you constantly need to set these little achievable and meaningful goals for yourself.

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Books on becoming your best self

13. Influence : The Psychology Of Persuasion ( Robert Cialdini )

books on becoming a better person

In everyday life, we not only need to be very good at influencing people in our jobs, whether you’re a doctor influencing your patients or you’re a teacher influencing your students, we also need to be aware of those who are trying to influence or manipulate us.

This is another book on becoming a better person. One of the concepts this book breaks down very well in something known as the contrast principle.

Its something that sales people utilise all the time in order to get way to spend more money, eg. I’m a salesperson and you’re coming to buy a product, I’ll get you committed to buying this 500 dollar product and then I’ll offer you another 90 dollar product which is a pretty expensive product but it won’t look as expensive because you’ve already spent 500 dollars.

14. The Obstacle Is The Way ( Ryan Holiday )

best books to being a better person
The Obstacle Is The Way

This book talks about Stoicism.

It gives you practical tips on how to turn the obstacles in your life into massive successes. It describes if there are two situations in your life and you’re confused about which one to take, there can be developed a third way by converging those two.

This is another best book to being a better person.

This book advocates the ancient philosophies which can be applied in today’s world of hectic and overflow of information and choices. It teaches you the ancient art of turning adversity to advantages.

Ryan brings philosophy out from the classroom and thrusts it back to where it belongs, in our daily lives. Its a kind of users manual for life.

15. The Influential Mind ( Tali Sharot )

Self-Improvement books
The Influential Mind

If you want to understand where you’re coming from, its gonna take a lot more facts and figures.

Most people are influenced by emotions rather than facts and figures. You can see this right now in the news cycle.

When somebody starts talking to your primitive brain, they do a much better job at influencing your thoughts and even your actions.

When your mind is stressed, its much more easily influenced. This is one of the best self-improvement books.

And we see this after horrible terrorist attacks like 9/11, it takes one person to start running in order to get hundreds to do the same because in that it teaches you how to communicate with somebody that disagrees with you.

The way you do that is you establish a new concept that doesn’t necessarily diagree with their viewpoint but does agree with yours. Once you find that sort of common ground, it can facilitate that conversation and allow you to exert your influence.

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